"I worked with Janine when I was having challenges with breastfeeding my 4 month old son.  Breast feeding had become a priority to me after my first son wasn't able to latch and I was only able to pump. With my second child I knew I wanted to do everything to breast feed him. After a few months of things going okay I began to struggle with the amount of milk I was producing while pumping at work. Janine worked with me to find helpful solutions that fit with my lifestyle. She provided love and support during my journey and helped me feel adequate no matter the outcome. Janine was so kind and caring while we worked together, she helped me focus on the positives and in the end I was able to continue to produce enough milk and didn't have to supplement.  Wherever you are in your journey to parenthood (pregnancy to postpartum), Janine is a great advocate and educator to have on your side." 

Lisa & Peter

"Janine is an outstanding professional and vastly improved and contributed to our experience of having our first baby. My husband and I did not know what to expect with our first child and Janine led us through a prenatal education session, which helped us both clarify what we wanted for our labor and taught us important initial steps we could take to ensure the baby's and our own health and care was made a priority. After a safe delivery we consulted with Janine for a full two-hour breastfeeding home visit. This was a crucial and invaluable visit, which provided me with the advice, techniques, and affirmation I needed to get me on the right track to have a fully breast fed baby. I am so thankful for Janine's gift of knowledge and passion for this work and could not recommend her more highly."


"When I first came home with Henry, I posted a picture of my little guy on Facebook. When Janine realized I had a newborn, she immediately reached out to congratulate me and offer up support. She obviously understood the joys and struggles that come along with breastfeeding because mentioned she was a lactation counselor and that if I had any issues I should contact her. I'm so glad she was so forthcoming with support. I might not have felt comfortable to reach out for help. I had no idea that breastfeeding would be so difficult and I when I was having some pain in my breasts and couldn't figure it out, I knew Janine could offer support and experience that I didn't have as a first time mom. Janine instantly got back to me with suggestions for what might be happening and multiple resources and ideas for how to fix the problem. In addition, she was incredibly encouraging and made me feel so comfortable talking about what was going on. I'm thankful she reached out because at the time I was ready to give up on breastfeeding and I'm so glad I didn't."