My services

All around care for the whole family; pregnancy through postpartum. 
Unlike many doulas, my services are all inclusive. I'm not just a Birth Doula or just a Postpartum Doula. I want to journey with you from pregnancy through postpartum. I've got the tools to make this exciting transition all that you dream it to be.  



 How can I support my partner? What questions should we ask? How can we keep things moving?
I support ALL types of birth regardless of pain medication preferences, induction, or cesarean. You have choices for your birth.



Baby blues. Diaper rash. Why is he crying? When can we sleep? I forgot to eat. This isn't what we expected... Let me nurture your family, help you to recognize what's normal and help you find support for the out of the ordinary hiccups that come with caring for a newborn. 


lactation/ Breastfeeding

Is my baby eating enough? Is that diaper normal? Can he breathe? Does that latch look OK? Is it supposed to feel like this? Lactation does not often come easy in the first month. Let's overcome the normal lactation snags and get your breastfeeding relationship off to a strong start.

Birth Doula

Birth Doula: $800

Birth Doula fee includes two prenatal visits, the birth, and a follow up postpartum visit. Visits are 1 to 2 hours in length, while of course your birth has it's very own timeline. Telephone and e-mail support are available throughout and I will meet you at your birthplace (hospital, birth center, home) when you or your support person feel you are wanting my services. Contact me directly for any additional questions. 

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula daytime (9 AM to 5 PM) $30 per hour - 3 hr minimum.   Postpartum Doula nighttime (5 PM to 9pm) $35 per hour - 3 hR minimum.

This is the postpartum help you really need that often times your family is unequipped to provide. Services include: breastfeeding support, baby care & education, emotional support, light housecleaning, laundry, simple healthy meals, sibling care, and much much more. You choose how my time is used. If you desperately want someone to hold the baby so you can take a long bath, need someone to remind you to take a long bath, or want someone else to bathe the baby while you sleep, consider it done. The 4th trimester is not often easy but it can be a joyful time with the right support. 

Lactation Support & Education

Breastfeeding education/ Support - 2 HR in home visit $75 

Just as you get home from the hospital, your baby will begin to show more interest in eating. Making sure your baby is eating well is extremely important for baby (brain development!), for the lactating parent (healthy nipples), and for the supporting parent (how can I help?). Professional and responsive lactation care in your home is priceless when it comes to overcoming the nuances of breastfeeding your newborn. I offer in home education before baby arrives with a 1:1 learning experience. I also offer in home support after baby arrives.